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We welcome TEGoVA
Article for European Valuer magazine.

Colleagues! Ukraine has been changing. We started membership in TEGoVA last year. The second association will join this organization in Belgrade, Serbia in April this year and we welcome it.

This step to toward Europe is the choice of our society. Ukraine people have shown that Ukraine is European country. We want to have the European standards of work and rules of life but not soviet ones.

Our system of evaluation has been existing for 25 years and the model of its regulation and practice use don’t differ substantially from those ones that a generally accepted in Europe and in the world. The economic and political situations are the most interesting points connected with the evaluation. This point has to be studied in this article.

The most dynamic is banking system under a grate cleaning process. There are nearly two hundred banks and the half of them is in the process of liquidation. The Found of guaranteed deposits manages the assets of these banks common value of which about EUR 18 billion. These assets must be valuated too. This subject gives opportunity for colleagues for having practice and methodological experience. This experience that is being gained in force majeure conditions and it is both difficult and interesting at the same time.

The large volume of evaluating work is connected with enforcement liens on nonstandard loans. Such steps of regulators make the real estate market saturated and require serious consideration of procedures that we use.

The debates take place in Ukrainian Parliament and it’s probably that the selling of agricultural land market will be opened. In this moment this market is closed by law. But there are more than 40 million hectares of fertile land, which are located on more than 10 million land plots. This is also very attractive subject for our colleagues.

Our state announced a large volume of privatization. The government plans during this year to sell 270 plants and enterprises including the largest ones. This privatization differs greatly from the previous ones. It follows fair rules and requires open and understandable assessment of assets. It’s difficult to determine really fair price for successful selling.

Ukraine is a great country with a market potential and confident future. It is necessary to do a lot to make this future closer. We need to build correct communication with different government departments that regulate market segments where evaluators work. We realized it successfully with banks and I`m sure will have the same result with the state.

Much must be done to widen practice of using IVS and EVS and we do it. We will show The Blue Book into Ukrainian to the community at the end of May.

We see TEGoVA in Ukraine both mentally and physically and we are doing and will be doing the steps required for the formation leaders image of TEGoVA among the participation of Ukrainian market. We expect to get the support from European colleagues and we will talk about it.

I take this opportunity to announce “TEGoVA days in Ukraine” in May 25-28 in Odessa. It is multinational and very interesting city called “God`s smile”. This is a good occasion to get acquainted with our country, Ukrainian colleagues and to support development TEGoVA in Ukraine. Some state and commercial persons will be present at this event together with appraisers. We would like them to understand TEGoVA purposes and principals correctly.

The most successful professional community is formed in a space without any borders. TEGoVA as well as European Union erases boundaries and make it possible for colleagues from many countries to communicate and work together and gives the opportunities for active and capable people to reveal their potential in our profession.